Valtrex (Valacyclovir)


What is Valtrex known for?

The main action which Valtex does is a defense of your organism from some kinds of viruses. Herpes virus is among the infections which Valtrex can fight against, but it doesn’t mean that this medical treatment will cure herpes; it can just make the symptoms of this disease less noticeable.

How does it work?

The main task for Valtrex is to slow the increasing and expanding of the virus of herpes and due to this your body will have an opportunity to oppose this infection.
There are several diseases which Valtrex can fight against. Cold sores, genital herpes, herpes zoster, reduction of transmission chickenpox and suppressive therapy.

Consultating with you doctor as for the consumption of Valtrex
Before buying this medicine you should first ask your doctor if it is needed. Also your doctor should know if you have some diseases which you can’t take this medicine with. You must tell your health care provider about such illnesses as AIDS, some diseases like this which can make your immune system weaker, some problems with kidneys, even if you had them in your early childhood.
All this information will help you to avoid complications. Also you should tell if you have allergy reaction to some kinds of medicine, or you are pregnant or feeding a child.
In fact, Valtrex does not abusive for a future baby. Child can get a virus infection from his mother during his birth, though. Mothers who have genital herpes should try to prevent herpes sores during the pregnancy period not to have herpes sores when you give a birth to a child. If you feed your child with your breast you should tell it to your doctor, because Valtrex can pass into your milk and affect your baby.
Don’t give this medicine to your child without doctor’s prescription.

You shouldn’t use Valtrex if you:

  • have herpes labialis but you are under 12 years old;
  • have a chickenpox and you are under 2 or over 18 years old;
  • have genital herpes or shingles but your are under 18;

Dosage and time of consuming of Valtrex

First rule is to take this medicine only when it has been prescribed for you. If you take pills without following the quantity prescribed it can be harmful for your health. Also you shouldn’t take Valtrex longer than it is needed, it may do harm as well.
You should directly follow the instructions which are mentioned in your prescription. The best way is to take pills with a glass of water. You can take it with or without food as you wish. Another important thing is to take Valtrex at regular periods of time. Don’t stop taking the medicine earlier than it was prescribed without advice of your doctor.
If you forget to take your pills in time you should take it as soon as it possible. But if it is time for taking the next portion you should take only one portion, never take extra pills.

Watch for interaction

If you are taking another pills before starting Valtrex ask professional for advice, because there are more than 500 medical drugs which can interact with Valtrex. Some of these interactions can be very harmful on your health, another can be almost unnoticeable.
Having a consultation with your doctor you should mention all medicines you take, different kinds of herbs, illegal drugs, alcohol, if you are smoking, and some dietician additives. Some of these things may interact with Valtrex, so it’s better to think over this interaction in advance to avoid bad consequences.

Side effects

As every medicine Valtrex may have some insignificant side effects which almost won’t bother you. For instance, sometimes your behavior may be a bit impulsive or you will feel disoriented, also taking these pills may be followed by headaches and spewing. Such kinds of side effects are normal and you shouldn’t worry about them.